Welcome to
Mayor Betty Wallace's
Message Page
I will use this web page, emails and any other means possible to keep the public informed of all actions of the Oak Island Town Council, and I will be working very hard to encourage members of the public to communicate with our council members so they may govern according to the wishes of the people they serve.

As I stated during my campaign, I will make my administration one of respect and open communication from our Town Council, our Management and our Staff.

I encourage everyone to call me at 278-1803,

email me at bwallace@ci.oak-island.nc.us

or write to me at
Mayor Betty W. Wallace
4601 E. Oak Island Drive
Oak Island NC, 28465

with any questions or concerns, and  most especially suggestions for improving the quality of life on Oak Island.


I encourage all of you to contact the members of the Oak Island Town Council with your ideas or concerns.  They were elected to represent you and to act in your best interests.  The best way for your Council to serve as your representatives is if they hear from their constituency about the issues they are considering.  Click below for the contact information for your Town Council members;
It was one of my goals to have the entire packets for Town Council Meeting Agenda items online.  We needed to wait until we were moved into the new Town Hall and updated our online services.  I am so pleased that all who have an interest in the Oak Island Town Council's meetings will be able to view the issues to be discussed in advance of the meetings.

Click the link below for the Agendas for the Oak Island Town Council's current meeting

I try to post updates to current and time sensitive issues on my Facebook page, and long term information here.  To receive the updates, please search Facebook for "Mayor Betty Wallace" and send me a Friend request.

I have been getting some great communications, suggestions and yes, complaints on my Facebook page.  Please "Friend" me and let's talk !